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About us

There is nothing more fun than helping others find their dream home. There is also a no better place to find that home than on the Costa del Sol, whether you plan to live here permanently or have it as a “home away from home” / alt other home.

We have been entrusted to help Swedes, Englishmen, Dutch and other nationalities find the perfect accommodation for them, something we are really both happy and proud of. The fact that we have gained new customers through existing customers is the best proof that we have succeeded in meeting and often exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We are by no means the biggest, but just like all brokers here, we have access to all items sold, so with us, you can both be sure that you do not miss out on any item that matches your search criteria and that we always invest 100% in finding the right property or the right buyer. We have no ambition to be the biggest, but preferably the best.

Our services

It should be easy for you as a buyer to buy a home on the Costa del Sol, even if it differs somewhat from real estate purchases in other countries. We are therefore with you before, during and of course also after your purchase.

We adapt our layout to what suits you.

If you are already in Spain, we will find suitable objects that match your search criteria, these you will receive a presentation of so that you can assess whether the object is interesting or not. We do not want to waste your time unnecessarily by having long days of tours, you should have time to experience the Costa del Sol as well.

If you are at home, we do the same by presenting a number of objects and then we plan a tour. It is very individual how many objects you want to see so we do not follow a template but you decide what suits you. However, we recommend that you rather stay one day longer if you want to see many objects rather than “push-in” many in one day. We are happy to help with hotel recommendations / bookings, transport from the airport and the like so that your trip here becomes easy and smooth.

At this stage, we can help you with a lawyer (Spanish lawyer who speaks fluent English or Swedish lawyer living in Marbella).

Immediately after the purchase, you must have a bank account in a Spanish bank, so it is advisable to arrange this as soon as you have an NIE number. You do not need it to complete the purchase but to enter into, for example, water and electricity contracts. Insurance, water and electricity contracts are the things you must have in place right at the time of purchase. It can take up to about two weeks to get an electricity plan, so some planning is needed so that you do not come to your new home and discover that you have no electricity. We have a checklist of what needs to be arranged so that everything works when you arrive.

In Spain, there is no such thing as move-cleaning. The seller can leave the apartment in the condition you saw it in, which also includes that furniture can remain. We, of course, make sure that your home is both emptied and cleaned.

If you do not live permanently in your home, we offer an “after-sales” service, meaning that we go to your home to check that everything is in order. If you want us to plant new plants, water existing plants or get something else done, we will fix it. We can also go there before you come to top up the fridge. All such service is at cost price, a service for you so that you can enjoy your stay as much as possible.


If you are new to the Costa del Sol, it is not so easy to know where to find the right stores for the purchase of furniture, utensils and other things you need. We help you with tips on good stores if you want to decorate yourself, but we also have a very affordable interior design service. It makes it easy and convenient for you to get to a fully furnished home.

Do you want help with the whole, parts of your home or maybe the terrace? No assignment is too big or too small.


Many people choose to finance their purchase by renting out their home during periods when it is not used. We help with both renting, the practicalities of renting and all administration. The rules regarding rentals have been tightened in Spain, which makes it both efficient and convenient to get help with this.


As the owner of a property in Spain, you must declare every year. We can help you with this through our external expertise.

Since 2013 we live and work in Marbella, a move we have never regretted. Like so many others, we started living alternately in Stockholm and Marbella, but have been living here permanently for a number of years. We started our brokerage business already when we came down in 2013, not because we thought there was a shortage of brokers but because we thought that much could be done better. Our common passion for real estate in all its forms was, of course, a contributing factor.