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Selling a property

The sale of homes, as well as the purchase of homes, is very different from what it looks like in Sweden and many other countries.

It can often take longer as well.

There are a few things that need to be in place before your home can go on sale.

  1. As a salesperson, you are responsible for completing an energy declaration. The buyer must then receive this in connection with the purchase. We can help you get in touch with one of our skilled and experienced partners who perform energy declarations.
  2. You as a seller must be able to provide all documentation about your home such as:
  • Ownership certificate
  • Occupation license
  • Property tax information
  • Information about possible community fee
  • Contracts with electricity and water companies, respectively

Choice of real estate agent / broker

Of course, as a salesperson, you want to get paid as much as possible in a sale. You can partly be involved and influence the sales price by choosing the right broker who can both offer services to optimize the sales price and market it in the right way. Together, we look at what your home looks like in relation to other homes sold in the area, if, for example, styling or the like may be relevant and then set a sales price.

Your choice of broker should be based on the broker’s prerequisites for finding the right buyer, but of course also the degree of commitment. It is seldom successful to be a small customer with a large player and this also applies when it comes to choosing a real estate agent. It may be wise to meet with a couple of agents to see who you think will do the best job of selling your home.

We are happy to come to your home for a completely unconditional meeting where we both look at the home and discuss how we think we could best sell your home.

Sometimes it can be relevant to carry out styling, this is done to create as light, airy and neutral an environment as possible. There are studies that show that styling can increase the sales price by up to 20%.

Home staging is to take it one step further and for example renting furniture and the like. Should we jointly think that any of these are needed, we have the opportunity to provide that service.

We want to know as much as possible, both about the home and the surrounding area, in order to be properly informed about your particular home. It gives a potential buyer an increased sense of trust and raises the chances of selling.

How your home is then presented is of the utmost importance and it is unfortunately not uncommon to see bad photographs, incomplete information and less professional presentations. This is something you absolutely do not risk with us as a broker. Our talented photographer makes sure to take the best pictures from both an informative and aesthetic perspective.

We always draw up a marketing plan for how we can best market your home.

Of course, we also produce nice and informative presentation material for both buyers and other brokers who may have buyers for your home. The important thing for you is that your home is sold at the right price, so of course, we work with other brokers to get your home sold.

To reach as many potential buyers as possible, we market your home on the major property7 portals.

Exclusive or non-exclusive sales assignment?

If you choose an exclusive sales assignment, which is the trend, then you should be absolutely sure that that broker is connected to Re-sales online. Re-sales online is the brokers’ equivalent of Swedish Hemnet and we are of course connected. Through Re-sales online, your broker can post information that your home is for sale as well as photos and information. You are thus not dependent on the fact that it is the broker you have chosen who will find the buyer.

If you choose a non-exclusive agreement, try to choose brokers with different target groups where nationality is probably the most important factor.

The broker assignment

Once you have chosen a broker, an agreement is written stating whether it is an exclusive or non-exclusive assignment. The agreement also regulates other areas such as a marketing plan, possible styling and broker commission. It is possible to have a certain term for exclusive sales assignments. If the home is not sold within the term, you can transfer to an exclusive assignment to another broker or choose a non-exclusive agreement.


Before each viewing, we come to your property well in advance to ensure that your home is shown from its best side. If another broker has a potential buyer, we, of course, do the same and are present throughout the viewing. We are the ones who know your home best and the customer then gets the best experience of your property. Additionally, we have a greater possibility to answer all questions both regarding the property as well as the area.


To keep you constantly informed about how the sales work is going, you will receive ongoing information, but also a slightly more detailed report that includes, for example, implemented market measures.


The negotiation takes place in the same way as in Sweden, ie between brokers and buyers. Here it can be good if a certain price range is agreed with your agent so that we can act quickly. Sometimes buyers hesitate between two different properties and then the speed can be decisive.

During the sale process, a speculator has the right to reserve a home. It is then taken from the market with the information that it is reserved, not sold, and the interested buyer pays a deposit of 6,000 Euros. The deposit is refunded if the purchase is not completed.

“With us as a broker, you can feel both safe and informed throughout the process”


When the seller and buyer agree, a contract (Contracto de compraventa) is written. The contract states the price, the date of entry and anything else that may have been agreed on. In connection with the contract being signed, a down payment is paid. The final payment is paid on the day of entry. The contract is then replaced with a new one at the meeting with the notary.

The date of access

On the day of the property takeover, the legal representative of the seller and the buyer and the broker usually meet with the notary.

You do not need to be on-site at the notary
if giving your legal representative
the right to sign the contract by proxy.

At this meeting, the buyer receives a temporary version of the ownership certificate. The final certificate of ownership (Escritura publica de compraventa) is given to the buyer after a few months when the change of ownership has been registered with all instances.


The notary is the one who receives the payment and is responsible for taxes and fees being paid and ensures that you receive the final payment. At the meeting, all keys to the home are handed over as the buyer has the right to access immediately after the meeting.

Taxes and fees

On the day of entry, you as the buyer receive 97% of the purchase price, the remaining 3% is a guarantee that tax obligations are fulfilled. This is handled by the notary. At this meeting, also the agreed brokerage commission is regulated.